THE SPORTS HERO WAS REDEFINED ON MAY 25, 2020. (T)he day Derek Chauvin neck-kneeled to death George Floyd on camera. Not only did Floyd’s death catalyze the Black Lives Matter movement into the biggest global protest in the history of the world, it ushered into being a redefinition of American sports herohood. Bygone—the era where a sports hero is known most for his buzzer-beaters or bottom-of-the-ninth grand slams or Hail Mary miracles. The Floyd era is new in the challenge it presents for athletes to exceed measures of heroics now shifting quick fast alacritous—athletes risking COVID-19 infections to march in the early Floyd protests (shout to Steph Curry in Oakland, Damian Lillard in my hometown of Portland, Malcolm Jenkins in Philadelphia, Deshaun Watson in Houston). To be vocal and active leaders in new ways.

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