How Long? Too Damn Long!

This site chronicles the War on Racism in American that traces its origin to 1619 when John Jope, an English government-sponsored pirate who captained the White Lion, attacked a Portuguese slave ship and took “20 and odd Negros” to Virginia, where he sold his African cargo to Sir George Yardley, governor of the nascent colony.

Four centuries later, the War on Racism continues, as evidenced by the uprising precipitated by the shocking death of George Floyd, a Black Minneapolis resident, at the knee of a white police officer as three of his fellow officers looked on nonchalantly.

Yet, the late George Floyd did not die in vain. His passing – some would say martyrdom – has not only forced America to address squarely the prevalence of police brutality, but also to acknowledge the insidious influence of racism in practically every aspect of American life.

Brother With Attitude – which drops this July – is all about chronicling the latest battles in the continuing War on Racism, sharing news stories curated on a daily basis by J.P., creator of the site.

A seasoned journalist, his writings previously appeared in one of America’s foremost newspapers. He also was an on-air contributor to one of three major cable news networks. And he was an analyst on a weekly National Public Radio roundtable program.

BWA is by no means a get-rich-or-die-tryin’ venture, profiting from the War of Racism. It is intended instead to be a public service; to let the all too many among us who dreamily delude themselves that they are living in a post-racial America when in reality they are trapped in the Upside Down.

And they need to get woke!