USA Today

SOUTH CARONIA CITY APOLOGIZES TO BLACK RESIDENTS FOR RACIAL INJUSTICE RESULTING FROM ITS POLICIES. Brenda Lee Pryce has waited decades for an apology from the city of Spartanburg after her neighborhood was demolished during the city’s urban renewal efforts in the 1970s. 

Urban renewal efforts were meant to demolish blighted areas in cities and create better housing and more opportunities. In many areas, Black families and businesses were displaced and no opportunities were created. The loss of homes and businesses left Pryce feeling angry and disappointed.

When City Council apologized for the failure of the redevelopment efforts Monday night, Pryce became so emotional that it brought her to tears. She never thought she’d actually get one. Monday night, when she finally heard those two little words — “I’m sorry” … 

The city council unanimously approved a resolution that acknowledges systematic racism and includes an apology to Black residents like Pryce “for racial injustices and long-lasting inequities” that have resulted from past city policies. A standing ovation immediately followed the vote.

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