Louisville Courier Journal

JOE BIDEN IN DEBATE : ‘COPS AREN’T HAPPY TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO BREONNA TAYLOR’. Breonna Taylor’s name came up during Tuesday night’s presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. The event’s moderator, Chris Wallace, mentioned Taylor — the 26-year-old Black woman police shot and killed in Louisville earlier this year — when he posed a question to Biden.

“Vice President Biden, after the grand jury in the Breonna Taylor case decided not to charge any of the police with homicide, you said it raises the question ‘whether justice could be equally applied in America,'” Wallace said. “Do you believe that there is a separate but unequal system of justice for Blacks in this country?”

Biden replied that there is systemic injustice in America, including in law enforcement and the way in which it’s carried out. “But look, the vast majority of police officers are good, decent, honorable men and women. They risk their lives every day to take care of us. But there are some bad apples,” the Democrat said. “They have to be held accountable.” …

“These cops aren’t happy to see what happened to George Floyd,” Biden said. (Minneapolis police killed Floyd, a Black man, in late May. Video of the incident showed an officer kneeling on his neck for almost nine minutes, and Floyd’s death sparked an ongoing, nationwide wave of protests against racism and police brutality.) “These cops aren’t happy to see what happened to Breonna Taylor,” Biden continued. “Most don’t like it. But we have to have a system where people are held accountable.”

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