Restaurant Hospitality

THESE BLACK-OWNED RESTAURANTS WERE SAVED BY THE SOCIAL JUSTICE MOVEMENT. The racial and social justice movements ignited by the killing of George Floyd in May are leading to big changes in many aspects of American life, including the move by a growing number of people to visit and support Black-owned restaurants.

According to a new study from The Coca-Cola Company, as a result of the recent events around racial and social justice, more than one-third of consumers are more inclined to seek out and visit Black-owned restaurants when they reopen.

“Our study found that recent events around race and social justice have inspired diners to seek out Black-owned restaurants,” said Kathleen Ciaramello, president, foodservice and on-premise at The Coca-Cola Company. “This increased support comes at a time when Black restaurant owners desperately need it, as 84% of them have made staff reductions due to COVID-19.”

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