Vanity Fair

THE OSCARS’ NEW INCLUSION STANDARDS DON’T GO FAR ENOUGH. On September 9, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released a new set of standards that, as of 2024, films must meet before they can be nominated for the Oscars’ top prize. Best-picture hopefuls are now being asked to fulfill at least two out of four sets of criteria, which aim to increase inclusion for underrepresented groups—people of color, women, LGTBQ+, and people with disabilities—both on and behind the screen.

The announcement marked a major milestone for the Academy, which has spent the last five years trying to diversify its annual list of Oscar nominees (and the organization’s own ranks). Take a closer look, though, and you’ll find that every recent best-picture nominee would have easily fulfilled these criteria. Should filmmakers and executives feel that their work is already done—or does this mean that with its splashy new set of rules, the Academy actually isn’t setting the bar high enough?

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